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Table of Contents

Overview and Introduction

Special Processing for SAS files
Syntax Highlighting
Problematic Characters
Automatic Indention and End Commenting
Special Processing for LOG Files
Automatic Cleanup
Syntax Highlighting

User Information
Code Statements
Data Statments
Debug Put All
Debug Put Variables
Commonly Used Procs
End of Line Comments
Comment Uncomment
Smart Templates
Function Cascade
Help Templates

Edit Tools
Single Line Comments
Single Line Block Comments
Block Comments
Make Macro
Hiding Blocks of Code
Tool Bars
SAS Tool Bar
Log Tool Bar

Running and Debugging
Execute a SAS Program
Find Selected Item
Find All
Find Forward (Next)
Find Backward
Viewing the Log and Output
Log and Output File Names
Subsetting the Log File
Using the Subset Log
Synchronizing Source and Log
Backing up the Log File
Removing Output Files
Extracting a Table from Output Files

Getting the Most out of EZRTools
Use the Templates
Setting UP and Using Blocks
Multiple Projects, Customers, Sites
The Right to Click
Regular Expressions
Find All within the Same File
Complex Replacements
Code Reuse
Indenting and Capitalization
Aligning Those Columns
Other Uses

Other Customizations by You
Colors and Keywords
Colors and Text Attributes
Grouping and Keywords
Command Map

Other (non SAS) Tools
Html Index Maker

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