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Here are the rest of the screen shots that demonstrate the tools and features you would see and use when editing SAS source code. Click on a thumbnail to see what that feature or tools looks like.

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There are a number of language related features and tools. This screen shot series shows the use of a template to expand out a if - then control structure. The first step is typing ift followed by a blank. Templates exist for many other language controls structures like if-then-else, do-while and do-to-by.
This series demonstrates how the smart indenting works. As you type SAS code, EZRTools looks at what you have typed to decide how the next line should be indented, or un-indented.
This screen shot shows the results of placing the cursor on an end statement, then using the Tools-Match Language Structure menu entry. Notice how the highlight shows that the end statement belongs to the do statement in the if structure.
This screen shot shows the context sensitive menu that appears when you right click within the window where you are editing a SAS source code file. The lower partition on the menu that has the commands Goto Line and Set Line are an addition I made to the main context menu on my copy of MEW. They duplicate the functionally of Set RA mark and Get RA mark that appear on the SAS based additions to the context menu, but are there for the other languages I work with. To see descriptions of all the features and tools available off of the context menu or anywhere else in EZRTools, please click on the link to our manual below.
This screen shot shows the ruler that appears when the user presses enter after typing a cards statement.

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