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SAS Editing Features of EZRTools

SAS programmers need a powerful language editor. EZRTools adds a valuable set of SAS tools to Multi-Edit. You need an editor that goes beyond simple syntax highlighting and auto-indention. Programmers need an editor that seamlessly cooperates with the SAS system on their workstation. A good SAS editor should do more than the editor that ships with SAS.

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Comment out a block of code with a click
Comment out a block of code with a select and a click, even if it contains embedded comments. You can return that block of code to action just as easily.

A SAS tool for the professional

A SAS programmer’s editor needs to meet all the needs of a professional. Read over this expanded description of our features and you'll see that EZRTools;) is for you. SAS is not the only language our solution supports because Multi-Edit is the backbone for EZRTools. Thousands of professionals already use Multi-Edit because it is the best source editor available. Only the SAS related features of EZRTools are discussed here, even though Multi-Edit supports many languages. You can find more information about Multi-Edit on the MESI web site. You can also compare Multi-Edit to other popular editors.

A flexible and malleable tool for programming in SAS

The SAS programmer’s editor you use should conform to you, not the other way around. When you use EZRTools, you’ll find that most tools can be accessed in a variety of ways. For instance you can comment block a selected group of text by selecting a menu item or pressing a tool bar button, if you like using a mouse. If you are more keyboard oriented, you can type a template keyword (with persistent blocks on) or press a control key combination that you have selected. Please review all of the features of EZRTools to fully appreciate the power of our product.

SAS programmers check out these features!

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