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Differences Between EZRTools and MeLite for SAS

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Want a cheaper SAS Editor? You can save some bucks with a lighter version of our great SAS editor. Through an arrangement with the folks at MESI (Multi-Edit), EZRTools has been bundled with Me Lite to allow for a lower cost of entry into using these two great tools. While Me Lite for SAS does not have all the features that come with using a full blown copy of Multi-Edit with EZRTools, it has the major ones needed by SAS programmers. Veiw a side by side comparison. What this means is you can buy Me Lite for SAS for about a third of the price to buy Multi-Edit and EZRTools. MeL for SAS at 1/3 the cost

Free Trial Version

You can download a trial copy of Me Lite for SAS at the Multi-Edit web site. Trial copies are fully functional for 30 days.

Important Compatibility Notes

Me Lite for SAS is a complete package. Multi-Edit and Me Lite components are not compatible. You can get more information about Me Lite for SAS at the Multi-Edit web site.

Multi-Edit™ and EZRTools VS MeLite for SAS™

Key Features MeLite for SAS MultiEdit v9.10 plus EZRTools
All EZRTools SAS™ related components and tools
MultiLanguage Syntax Highlighting
PERL style RegularExpression searches
Edit 255 concurrent files of any size with line lengths up to 16k
Native Beyond Compare Integration
Template Expansion
Create your own templates
Programmer's Tools ASCII Chart, Line Drawing
Block Editing
Printing with color Code Highlighting
EZRTools HTML tools
Write your own edit macros
Telnet Compile Capabilities and Built in FTP
Microsoft and Borland Integration
Support for .NET, BSC, and TopStyle
Favorites, Template, File, and Window Pane
Evolve and Polystyle
Program Configuration Import/Export Functionality
CMac Compiler and Source Code
Weblair Browser manager, markup language tagging
Version Control System
Project Management Support
TipWin Tooltip Support

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