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EZRTools News Releases

August 12, 2005 Martin Works Unveils New EZRTools Web Site

Martin Works Inc.(MWI) went live today with their new EZRTools web site. Lori Martin, president of MWI, said, "We felt that with all the buzz over the bundling of MeLite and EZRTools that a new more modern look for the EZRTools site was in order. I think that visitors will experience a better ease of use with the new navigation aids. We are also excited by the quick loading animations of EZRTools' features being used. I think that it will give potential customers a better appreciation of the power of our SAS™ toolkit."

June 3, 2005 EZRTools and MeLite for SAS™ get Online Forums

Multi Edit Software, Inc.(MESI) has setup a new category on their support forums to for users of EZRTools and MeLite for SAS™. The new forums will isolate the SAS™ related product questions, suggestions etc. from the high volume of traffic on their other forums. Since Multi-Edit and MeLite have significant differences, this will help users separate tips and solutions that might work with Multi-Edit but not with MeLite flavors.

Febuary 11, 2005 MWI and MESI Join Forces

Martin Works Inc.(MWI) and Multi Edit Software, Inc.(MESI) join forces to produce a low cost alternative for SAS™ developers. Costing about one third the price of Multi-Edit 9.10 and EZRTools 1.4 together, MeLite for SAS™ is and economical alternative for developers who want a IDE for the SAS™ Language. While MeLite for SAS™ does not have all the editing features of a full blown copy of Multi-Edit, it does have all the SAS™ related features and tools provided in the full version of EZRTools.

Clay Martin, lead developer at MWI, said "I believe that most SAS programmers would not immediately need the full functions of Multi-Edit anyway, and might have been put off by the initial expense of the full blown product. I do think that once they use the editor and see the improvement over the standard SAS™ editor, they will want more. EZRTools offers The SAS™ programmer a tool kit that will payoff in time saved during the development process and beyond. This should be a really big hit with contractors on the road, because they can keep the same environment and tools as they move site to site."

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