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Brief Overview of SAS Editing Features

Need a powerful editor for SAS code? Replace your old SAS editor today!

Martin Works, Inc. has developed a toolkit to aid in the writing, debugging and the maintenance of SAS source code. The toolkit is called EZRTools;) and it's an add-on package to Multi-Edit, a great programmer’s editor for over 50 languages.

Check out EZRTools if you want a powerful, professional SAS editor today.

EZRTools;) Features

  • Hide lines of code from view.
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    Your SAS code is indented as you type
    As you type, EZRTools will indent and undent your SAS code. It even adds "end" comments to the termination of control structures.
  • Automatic Indention and Un-indention of source as you type.
  • Color coding of SAS source and logs.
  • Templates (over 300) for SAS PROCs and DATA steps, functions and code elements.
  • Smart Templates allow you to select checkboxes to include options and statements for the complex PROCs.
  • Run SAS programs from within the editor and view the source, log and output while still editing (if you have SAS installed on your PC).
  • Log file is "cleaned" to move Error messages to immediately after the line that generated the error even if there are multiple occurrences of the errors.
  • Collapses repeated messages into one line and removes extraneous blank lines from the log.
  • Subset your view of the log to show only: Warnings, Notes, Errors, Debug statements, code, observations or other items of interest.
  • Hop to source line from the corresponding line in the log.
  • Highlight a section of code and make a macro from it (copied to another file with macro and mend statements wrapping the code and the file name same as macro name).
  • Automatic "end" statement commenting to match them to the corresponding control structure.
  • Type text then click to wrap in 1 to 3 asterisks to make automatically aligned block comments.
  • Select a block of code and comment it out without interference from encapsulated comments. Select it again and un-comment it with one click.
  • Easy to use template for prolog comment block including Company name and copyright, author name, date, and more.
  • Easy insertion and removal of debug statements.
  • Generate base layout for most SAS function calls through a cascading menu system.
  • Highlight a string and click a button to search forward, backward or globally for the string.
  • Comprehensive documentation of EZRTools in html format including a section on how to get the most out of Multi Edit while using EZRTools.
  • HTML tool to automatically generate an index from Name anchors in a specified html document filled directory tree.

How good of a SAS editor can you buy?

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