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Why do you need a new SAS Tool?

Do you want SAS tools to increase your productivity and accuracy?

EZRTools accelerates your output of quality, consistent code while programming in SAS. Multi-Edit is already a great editor for other languages. Now EZRTools;) makes it even better by adding support and tools for SAS programmers. EZRTools is a collection of edit macros, templates, and other tools (see a bulleted list of these) that allow Multi-Edit to become a "SAS IDE". If you have worked on mainframes, UNIX and PC boxes, you've seen a lot of editors. The good one's are customizable and extendable. They have a level of complexity that takes some effort to learn. Once accomplished, you’ll find these tools make programming in SAS more enjoyable than ever.

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Smart templates make quick work of SAS procs
Smart templates allow you to use a set of dialogs to select the options and sub-options that you want for a particular proc step.

A SAS tool kit? It's new? Why change?

So with years of experience with SPF Edit and VI, why move to a new editor? SAS is available on the PC, and with modern workstations, computing resources are not an issue. High-speed processors with hundreds of megabytes RAM now allow code to be tested on a PC often faster than on the Mainframe (especially after production starts in earnest for the evening). Downloads have become darn fast. Many consultants on the road already use a laptop. Nowadays it makes sense to do your development and testing on the PC.

You have a workstation. Whether you have SAS on it or not, you can still use the power of EZRTools. If you have SAS you can point EZRTools to the SAS executable, and test your code, see the log and output, and make changes immediatelyl. If you don’t have SAS on your workstation, you can FTP (or use other download/upload methods) the source and log files to your workstation to reap the benefits of EZRTools. With a copy of the SAS/PC you can develop, test, and fix at PC speeds, all locally. Conversely you can still use the powerful editing features and upload/download your work to the host.

Have you ever used one of the IDE's that come with many C, C++, or other language packages sold for the workstation? Compared to the standard editor from SAS and you'll feel green with envy. These specialized IDE's have the various tools that go beyond color-coding syntax and basic indention. The IDE's have pages of checkboxes to select optional behaviors. Some of them are more inexpensive than Multi-Edit. Why? Most do not allow you to make your own tools that operate within the edit environment. Those that do are more expensive than Multi-Edit.

In this SAS tool kit, what is the importance of Multi-Edit?

Martin Works, Inc. has joined forces with Multi-Edit Software Inc. (MESI) to give SAS programmers the best of both worlds. The MESI product, Multi-Edit, combined with EZRTools;) is an IDE ideally suited for working with SAS on the PC. (Compare Multi-Edit to other editors.) Moreover, it has the customization level beyond you get from the ISPF or Unix shell environment. This includes being able to create your own edit macros, menus, tool bars, etc. With our tools you can code faster, have a more consistent look, and make fewer mistakes (finger checks). This increases your productivity and give you more time to concentrate on developing rather than keying.

An additional SAS tool kit? If Multi-Edit is such a great customizable editor, what is the importance of EZRTools?

Both SPF Edit and VI have features that many programmers often overlook. For example, mask and line exclusion in SPF, and abbreviations and find-and-print in VI. These features or their functional equivalents are available in Multi-Edit/EZRTools. The tools that come with EZRTools;) create short-learning-curve access to these powers in ways specialized for the SAS language. Sure you can build your own templates in Multi-Edit, but EZRTools provides over 300 SAS code templates! Most likely you can find one to suit your needs exactly – or pretty close. If it’s close, no worries, just edit it to make the template EXACTLY what you want.

EZRTools also includes SAS tools that you won’t find any other editor. Don’t remember the parameters for a proc or a function? You don’t need to look it up in the SAS documentation if you have EZRTools. With just a few keystrokes, you’re provided with the parameters – without ever leaving your editor. Code for complex procs and functions can be quickly built using cascading menu selections. There many more SAS-specific tools waiting for you in EZRTools. Use the links below to get more details on these and other unique features of EZRTools.

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