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EZRTools has a number of tools that work with SAS source code. These include the function cascade tool, smart templates and language related features like indention and structure matching. Also the "right click" context menu's list of tools along with the ruler that shows up when you type a cards statement. You can also see features of the syntax highlighting in all of these. Click on a thumbnail to see what that feature or tools looks like.

Function cascade allows you to pick from a menu, one of SAS's functions. The menu is organized by the topical breakdown used by SAS to organize the functions. Once you have stepped through one to three layers of menu, you can pick the desired function off the list and it replaces the f() that you originally typed to invoke the function cascade. The resultant function call has all the parameters as described in the SAS documentation, and you can use Cntl-i to step to the next one, and it will be over-typed when you start typing the name of the actual variable you wish to use. This first shot shows the initial menu that opens when you type f() followed by a space.
Here is the view after the user selected Mathematics off of the first menu. A second menu appears that list the sub-choices under mathematics.
The user picked the Statistics selection off of the previous menu. This view shows the sub-menu from the statistics menu.
The user picked the means function off of the statistics menu. This view the results from picking means. It shows the means function with its arguments. The user has pressed Cntl-i to highlight the first argument.
The user has typed in the first argument, the highlighted hint has been replaced by the argument the user has typed. The user then pressed Cntl-i again to move to the second argument. If an argument is not needed, the user could of pressed Cntl-i to highlight, and then pressed delete, or a space to remove the argument.
This series shows the use of smart templates. The user typed summary* followed by a space to start the process for using smart templates to insert a Proc Summary. The first menu lists the basic options for this proc. The user has selected some of the options and then presses the OK button.
After the user pressed OK on the basic options menu, they see this menu that lists the keywords from Proc Summary that the user may want included. The user has selected some check boxes here. To proceed, the OK button is pressed again.
The user is now presented with a new menu that contains a list of sub-statements from Proc Summary. The user can check none, some or all of these, and press the OK button to continue.
This screen shot shows the result of the users choices. The next step is to replace the `hints` with real values. The user would jump to the first one by pressing Cntl-i.
After the user has pressed Cntl-i the first value to fill in is highlighted. Typing the value replaces the highlighted area.
Here the user has typed in the name of the data set and pressed Cntl-i to move on to the other items to be filled in.

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