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Smart Indenting While Coding SAS

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Here the user has typed part of an if statement. Note that after typing the end of the if-then-do; line, the next line was indented by two spaces. As the user continued to type, EZRTools knew that after the status= line the indent level should stay the same. When the user typed the put statement they pressed enter at the end of a line, they did not complete the statement. EZRTools knew to indent the next line by 4 spaces, to indicate that the statement continues on the next line.
The user has finished typing the put statement, and upon pressing enter, the indention level has returned to normal. The user has typed the end statement to terminate the control structure. The next screen shot shows what happens when the user pressed enter at the end of the line.
Note the end statement has been aligned with the if statement. Also a comment identifying the what type of control structure belongs to the end statement. In this case it is the if. EZRTools smart indenting works even if you move to the middle of nested control structures in existing code. By placing your cursor at the end of the line that you want to add code after, and pressing enter, you will start on a new line with the proper indention level for the surrounding code. This works even if you are inserting into the middle of a long multi line statement.

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